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This unique one of a kind collection represents a life long dedication to the  model  train industry.  From its inception -1935 to 2016 -The Luis Jauregui HO scale collection was built to be enjoyed and shared with others. 

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To all  who are interested, this website will enable you to view  detailed information on this sizable and  beautifully crafted  train collection.  

Buying Details

Due to the uniqueness of the collection, the owners wish to sell it as a unit- the whole thing- or  as separate  complete, Railroad Lines. Trains will not be sold Individually. 

Note: Offers made on whole collection  will be given priority and better pricing.

Currently, owners are accepting all reasonable offers to review. 

The Process

Train Enthusiast,

If you're interested in the collection  or want to make an offer,  please  fill out our  Contact  Form and answer the  questions below.  This will enable us to reach you,  answer your questions, and

help  simplify  the selling process. 

Contact Form  Questions: 

Please number  first  box   1-3  and make  your selection - (e.g.   ( 1) want to make offer)  (2) Broker

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  Your  Questions:

Note:  Interested buyers who have made an offer will be invited  to attend a live viewing of the  

 Luis Jauregui Collection.    Date and location TBA

Make Offer

Thank you for viewing our site  and  sending  the requested   information above.

When making an  offer,  please keep in mind  the quality and  distinction of this collection.

Luis Jauregui 's goal was to replicate the trains in his collection, using  blueprints from actual  size  locomotives,  and would size them to an HO scale.   Every detail was considered when building and customizing this amazing collection. 


A set price will not be disclosed,  to allow all reasonable offers to be considered.

Ebay ,  retail market, and broker pricing will be used as a basis, along with other collection 

attributes  for setting an acceptable  price.

To make an offer please send it as an attachment to the : 


Please include all  information that will help us  evaluate and consider your offer  such as:

  (1)  what you're interested  in -  Whole collection  or  specific train lines

  (2)   Additional details,  requests, or thoughts

  (3)  the amount of your offer  


 Once  your offer is made,  we will contact you. If your offer is accepted , then all details on what’s next will be provided. 

Note:  Sellers will  not be responsible for costs incurred in the transport of the  collection. 

Thank you

We look forward to hearing from you!             



ALEX JAUREGUI                                                                                                                                                     

(650) 291 6947  


LOURDES CRUZ                                                                                                                                                   

 (916)  791-8510


 Website:  luisjtraincollection.com